Office of University Communications

Using the UTEP Logo

The words “The University of Texas at El Paso,” “UTEP,” “Miners” and the official UTEP seal, UTEP pickaxe logo and Miner logo are the property of The University of Texas at El Paso and are protected trademarks. As trademarked property of the University, their use is limited to University employees, offices, departments, and organizations for official purposes only.

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Regardless of which logo is used, please refrain from:

• Altering the logo colors in any way.

• Altering the proportions of the logo in any way (stretched or squeezed, for example).

• Placing the logo with any other mark, symbol, logo or name, other than the University’s official graphic signature or official signature of a college or school.

The University of Texas at El Paso colleges, departments and offices may wish to create logos to represent their respective organizations. To maintain a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look, it is recommended to contact the Office of University Communications for assistance.

As with college or school logos, special event logos and other graphics should reinforce UTEP’s brand identity and reflect the quality of the institution.

Using the UTEP Centennial Logo

The Centennial Celebration logo mark is the primary identifier for UTEP’s Centennial Celebration. The mark features a Bhutanese tower reflective of UTEP’s striking contemporary campus and its near-century long connection to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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The University of Texas at El Paso will be one hundred years old in 2014. Over the past century, each of us—students, staff, and faculty—have brought our dreams to this University and worked together to achieve them. Learn more »